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What I Would Do Differently In Network Marketing If I Could Go Back And Start From Scratch

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Over two years ago, I was a young and wide eyed network marketing newbie on the scene.

I had been skeptical for so long, and after hearing about a ground floor business opportunity I decided to jump on it. I needed the change and focus in my life, I mean look at me--yikes.

You might not be able to see it through the smile, but at the time I was going through my quarter life crisis. And before you look at me with a cocked head, it's a legit millennial experience that I'm pretty sure my parents probably had their own version of.

Let me explain. It's that time in your life where you've gone to college, and spent thousands of dollars to become the person you want to be, only to realize that the person you were expecting to become doesn't necessarily come with that expensive degree. Been there? It's rough. So I bought a book, and decided to pour my focus into a passion project or side hustle.

I signed up late one night, and couldn't wait to begin this new business journey.

I'm a very coachable person, so of course I did all the things my upline was teaching me.

  • I messaged everyone I knew

  • I hosted events and shared my product

  • I posted consistently about my product on social media

  • I created a business page and posted consistently there

  • I added new "friends" to my Facebook page and group everyday

  • I used the scripts and the prompts, and continued to live out of my inbox cold messaging them about taking a look at a business opportunity...

like, allll the things that network marketing used to be about.

And it *somewhat* worked. I ranked, I made quick money, I had recognition on the team page and praises, but I was burnt out as far as social media goes, and I already had two business partners calling it quits after three months in because they felt as icky as I did cold messaging the masses and getting ghosted in their inbox. Long story short, it wasn't a sustainable business strategy, because it wasn't me.

I've often thought about what I would have done differently then.

How I would take all of the knowledge and personal development that I have invested so heavily in now to lead and encourage that girl who signed up late one night at her kitchen island with a baby on her hip, and teach her how to position herself for success within the industry that she would grow to love.

And these, my friend, are my top five!

1. Develop Your Personal Brand

You've heard me say this time, and time again-- and it's so important. You're not the only person in your company selling a unique set of products. Is the market for your products saturated? Maybe. Does it have to be? Nope! Because YOU are unique and can make your products or opportunity feel, sound, AND look different. That doesn't mean you need to go out and do an expensive branding shoot or hide behind a fancy logo, it simply means understanding who you are, embracing your story, being confident enough to share it, and leaving people with an everlasting impression of who you are as a person. Nobody can do it like you do, and THAT is your superpower. Tap into it.

2. Do NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT begin a traditional VIP Customer group.

Instead of looking at your Facebook sales/customer group as a place to post flash sales, business opportunity events, and endless stock images of products-- build a community! Facebook is driving users from the busy newsfeed into it's community pages ( I mean, there is a reason they are spending money on television ads heavily promoting them). This is a good thing! This is not only the beginning of your funnel, but a place to spark and have a direct impact on the positive change you want to see in this world. Build a community centered around your mo