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THREE Tips to Build Your Business By Marketing YOU and NOT your Network Marketing Company

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

We all know that network marketing is a great way to jump into entrepreneurship. There is already an established company, products that you love, branding, and typical overhead and investment costs are very low compared to traditional start-ups.

You sign up, and you're like, " This is great! I can use their branding, logo, language, and run with it!"

I'm not here to say you can't, but I'm also here to share about why it's actually a disadvantage to you as you try to grow and scale your business in this noisy world of social media, and give you some insight as why you may be struggling in your business.

Here's the thing, if you want to stand out in the busy newsfeed of everybody and their cousin, sister, and friend selling the SAME products with the SAME message, you have to step into your CEO role.

You are so much more than your super shake, your special coffee or skincare products.

And by marketing yourself, and using your network marketing company as your sidecar instead of the whole vehicle, your options and chances of success in the entrepreneurial online industry become ENDLESS.

It all revolves around you, and you are the driver!

In this piece I want to give you three solid tips on how to brand yourself, stand out, and grow your network marketing business the modern way. Sound cool?

Alright, let's go!

1. Discover Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand is the first pillar in learning how to step up, and step out into your true entrepreneurial role. It's what people think about after you leave the room, after they talk to you about your products or business opportunity, and the experiences that you give them. When you develop a strong personal brand, you make your products look, and feel different than anybody else out there slinging the same eye cream. If you need some really, really good insight on how to discover your personal brand, click here, and download my signature guide.

BONUS: It's a 22-page guide that is practically a mini course. It teaches you how to grow your Instagram community as well! :)

2. Multifaceted Content Strategy Packed with Value

You can't just throw up before and after photos, or stock photos every other day or when your company is having a sale. Social Media platforms were NOT, and I repeat, NOT made for people to be sold to on.

The algorithm does everything that it can to bury salesy posts. It analyzes the words used in the caption, it uses photo recognition to look at the type of photo, and I could go on.

That form of "marketing" is soooooo 2002.