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How To Turn Your Instagram Post into THREE More Pieces of Content

You have the perfect photo, you killed the caption and call to action, and you posted the perfect Instagram post for your audience. Now what? You should engage on some of the recent posts in one of your niche hashtags, but this blog post isn't about engagement, it's about taking your high quality content and maximizing it's outreach.

So read on my friend, because this is good!

Repurposing content on different platforms helps give your brand a seamless look ( think of like different pieces to a puzzle all coming together), drives more foot traffic to your storefront ( ahem-- instagram), and saves you so much time creatively.

Let's face it, that perfect pun for your attention grabber took some valuable time and energy.

Here are three ways to repurpose your post, and look like content producing machine:


You only get so many characters to use on the gram, so chances are that you can elaborate and go into further detail. Was your post about inspiring a morning routine? List out and share your morning rituals with your audience and add on to the original post. Your audience comes to your blog for more in depth reasons than social media. They are either looking for guidance, or intentionally seeking information-- so get detailed! Publish your blog, create a pin for Pinterest, and you're tapping into evergreen content creation.


If your post was all about " your why ", create some connection and emotion with your audience by showing your face! IGTV is increasing in popularity, YouTube isn't going away anytime soon, Tik Tok is apparently blowing up, and trust me when I say that by showing your face to your audience, you will build stronger and deeper connections. Use the same language, and tap into storytelling to really generate an emotional response.

Quick Tip: Upload video to IGTV, Share your original written post to your stories, and link your IGTV video to allow users to swipe up to the video.


Images speak to emotional centers of the brain, and they are super quick and easy for your audience to process. That inspiring morning routine post, hop into Canva and use one of their cute post it note list templates to show your routine. Did you have a killer one liner in there that you could quote? Create a quote image. Feel free to save that graphic for repurposing at a later time, or post to a different platform like Facebook and connect the two.

So what do you think? What are some of your favorite ways to repurpose content?

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