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Ten Powerful Things You Can Do When You Have A Lull In Your Business: Holiday Edition

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

The holiday season is in full swing and we are in the thick of it. I'm sure you are knee deep yourself in Christmas cheer, and wrapping paper.

It's the most wonderful time of the year, but It can be a difficult time for Network Marketers who are seeing a lull in personal business volume.

Customers are passing on products and being more mindful with their spending, you have relaxed yourself because it's the busiest time of year, and as month end approaches you may have freaked out a little because you are not where you need to be with your monthly goals.

The struggle is as real as your Christmas tree, and don't think that you're the only one who has ever gone through this. So cozy on up, grab a cup of coffee and let's jam this out.

Alright, here we go!

If you've already leaned in with prospective customers in your funnel, nurtured your loyal customers and they've ran their orders, and you STILL feel as if you are falling short-- don't give up, and continue to lead with inspiration! This is not the time to exhaust and burn bridges with prospects because you are desperate to hit that goal.

Trust me, I know how it can feel to want to lean in harder on your circle, but always respect the space.

This is a great time of the year to really dig in and set a strong foundation for January to run hard when spending begins to pick back up, and they look to you for products, joining you in business, or a an authority in the online space.

These are my top five tips to make the most of this time to nurture, strategize, and end this year STRONG while enjoying your holiday season.

1. Reflect On Your Strategy

How is your daily task list working for you? How is your social media game? Find what is working really good for your business, make a note-- and keep doing that! If you're getting tons of interest through Instagram stories, keep showing up on there. If your customers love it when you text them monthly to check in to see if they need any product, keep at it. On the flip side, be honest with yourself, and if something isn't working really think about how to improve that part of your business strategy. Every aspect of your business strategy can ALWAYS be improved on. Start with what isn't working first, and then fine tune from there.

2. Embrace The Holiday Festivities And Share On Social Media

Everyone is busy running around and getting ready for the holidays, so when they log onto social media platforms they are more than likely looking for light hearted content. Keep sharing your products, but do so in a way that is not overwhelming to your audience! Share your family traditions, how you prepare for the holidays, and curate your business content around the season. This is NOT the time to drop off of social media, and start again next year. People still are looking to social for entertainment and to relax after that huge Christmas dinner. Keep showing up, and stay top of mind. You'll be happy you did in the new year!

* With that said though, set boundaries! If you need to log off to reconnect because your mental health needs it-- do it!

3. Use This Time To Build New Connections And Nurture Your Customers

If you feel like you have run out of leads, use this lull to create new relationships! Get social in your favorite Instagram hashtag or Facebook group. The time that was spent doing follow ups, and lean ins can be used to skyrocket your community. Build connections, send out samples, plant seeds and January may be your biggest month yet!

As you're building that beautiful community, don't forget your current customers. It is much easier to build a loyal customer following than it is to go out and find new ones. They have already trusted you, purchased product, and love it! Write little notes, give little gifts to your most loyal customers, and you can bet they will appreciate the kindness.