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Meet Jaime and Herbal Alchemy

The founder & vision behind this new clean lifestyle brand, and Social Selling Movement.

Previously known as MIG Living, Herbal Alchemy is on a mission to restore the social selling industry, and offer clean and earth-inspired products for all.


Watch this four minute video to learn about the latest rebrand, and the culture and vision of this new social selling brand.


After you view the video, listed below you can find the compensation plan, income disclosure statement, and check out Herbal Alchemy's earth-inspired products.


I'll follow up with you via a direct message on Instagram, and will answer any questions that you have to see if joining me alongside Herbal Alchemy will be the perfect fit for you!

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   Seed to soul...
We are passionate about living-- no matter where your story takes you.

Herbal Alchemy
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Hello! I'm Lauren

I spend my days sharing my best tips to other business babes about marketing on social media, creating a personal brand, staying true to themselves and building a thriving + authentic community around their business to increase impact and increase sales!

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