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Get up to speed faster.

The Modern Network Marketer Community Portal is where you can access all my exclusive modern network marketing resources from anywhere at any time at no cost.

Are you ready to get your learn on?

Cool, me too!


I created the Community Portal for just that.

But, before we dive in you should know... 


I'm a forever student, and investing my time into diving deep into business and marketing strategy has been the best thing I have ever done for myself, and in my business. 


But, I have a secret to share with you...


I've invested thousands of dollars into my personal development, and I haven't paid a single penny!

As someone who is a dreamer, risk taker, I' didn't freak me out.


Okay, maybe a little! 


Nonetheless I knew that this was something that I needed to do, because what I was being taught by my upline just wasn't me... and it wasn't working.

I want you to have a community that can help you get no cost. A place where you can access all of my resources, connect with others, and learn what's worked for me and what, well, hasn't.

I wanted to tap into more evergreen avenues of online business building than just social media, and I wanted to approach social media the right way.

Man, that time freedom dream had me hooked!

After I took my first course I started implementing the things I had learned (after being completely terrified at first because it was so out of the norm).
But when I started to see results, I knew deep down I was on to something.
When people started asking me what it was that I was doing, I began to gain more confidence.

When I had the chance to celebrate months as one of the other top consultants on our team WITHOUT having to send a single cold reach out... I knew there were other ways to build a business than what we had been taught in the past.
When I started seeing others that I had been helping inside the DM's, have the same results from sharing with them what I had implemented and learned...I shifted my focus from building solely my network marketing business, to helping others build theirs.

I'm not your upline (or maybe I am).
Either way-- your secrets are
safe with me ;) 

Anyways, this is me!

Network Marketer, Online Business Owner, Mother, Wife, and always Lauren


I help Network Marketers increase their income and impact with modern marketing strategies, and I empower them to diversify their income streams as online business owners.

If you have a passion project or skill set, trust me when I say that I will find a way for you to monetize it online.

Oh, but back to my original thought!


That initial investment launched me into a five-figure mentorship business this year, and a brand new Network Marketing opportunity! and I'll be the first person to congratulate you when you decide to invest in yourself because it creates a snowball effect.

Whether it's your valuable time, hard earned money, or both... it means that you have dreams and you're not afraid to chase them! Joining the Members Portal is a great way to get started.

I’m happy to have you as a member inside the Member Portal, and consider this a safe container for you to learn, dream, and do!

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