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Always Lauren Chamberlain Lettering

Create impact and sales the modern Network Marketing way.

Let's build your personal brand empire with this [ FREE ] Signature Training.


As a network marketer, you find yourself feeling guilty for putting more time into marketing your side hustle than spending time with your family and friends.


You feel off with every cold message you send. 

The “list” your upline is raving about, is exhaustedyou know, the one they told you to look at again and circle back through, only to get ghosted.


When you post about your business opportunity or products on social media, you find yourself hearing crickets with zero inquiries in your inbox.


Creating content is a struggle because you don't know what to do, or say to your audience, so you throw out anything that comes to mind hoping that it sticks.

Say goodbye to OLD SCHOOL Network Marketing.

It’s time to find someone who GETS you, and wants help you find YOUR unique system for YOUR business.

that someone is me
I’m Lauren Chamberlain.

Network Marketer, Online Business Owner, Mother, Wife, and always Lauren


I create online courses to help Network Marketers like you create impact and increase your income with modern marketing strategies. 

Having a plan in place to…

  • ATTRACT your cold market to YOU

  • Build an INFLUENCE around your personal brand

  • Create YOUR OWN CONTENT original to YOU


​…is in reach.

So, you can build a high-quality following of people who resonate with you, and have REAL conversations and connection over life, your business, and products. 

You were made to make a lasting impact, and working your business should feel good.



Build A Profitable Personal Brand Signature Training

Image by Sarah Gualtieri

The Collective Course and Community

A FREE twenty-five minute training + Thoughtbook in Kajabi* for the modern network marketer and social seller to build a profitable personal brand and impactful community around their business.

A  signature mentoring program for the next generation of Female Network Marketers that includes a FULL course and Community with masterclasses, live trainings, weekly mentorship with Lauren and more!




Creator Studio

NEW! Are you ready to turn your passion into profit as a 6-figure earner in the Network Marketing industry?


The Course Creator Studio is launching soon.



*Please note, all courses are facilitated through Kajabi, an online platform for creating and teaching courses.


Find your authentic voice, and go against the old practices of Network Marketing.

Get  measurable 
results like these

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